Wednesday, May 12, 2010

0 Katy Perry newest hairsyle 2010

Katy Perry newest hairsyle 2010

Compared to 2009, Katy Perry newest hairsyle 2010 is not the best move she's ever made in her young career. Katy's new hairstyle in 2009 was given much praise when she debuted it in early January and it helped keep her on top of the fashion world for another year. The funny thing about the comparison between that 2009 hairdo and Katy Perry newest hairsyle 2010 is that they are actually quite similar. They are basically the same haircut and color with a little tweak on the style. The 2009 version was more sleek and layered, while the 2010 version seems to be a more rigid, almost robotic, version of the same haircut. If you want an example how to make an impression on the fashion and style world look at what Katy did in 2009, but if you want an example of what not to do look at Katy Perry newest hairsyle. 2010 has still been a strong year overall for Katy and this should be looked at a small bump in the road and nothing more.

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