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0 Jessica Alba Latest Hairstyle in 2009

Jessica Alba is one of the few celebrities who have not had a single hair disaster and the way she flaunts her cute and latest new hairstyles, it is unlikely to happen in the future as well. Recently, Alba was placed at #3 on a poll conducted by one of the reputed hairstyle magazine to find out ‘Most Wanted Celebrity Hairstyle’.

Celebrity Jessica Alba's latest Hairstyle

The actresses are well known for their latest and trendier looks and hairstyles. They generally change their hairstyles rapidly, but that must match their looks and the shape of face also. Jessica Alba’s shape of the face is a blend of oval and diamond. Jessica Alba is famous for her wavy long hairstyle.

Actress Jessica Alba long curly hairstyle
She generally wears long but wavy hairstyles. Her long hair is made locks at her jaw line and shoulders. The locks falling on her face also looks trendy. People are fond of keeping those locks falling over the face due to this trend by the famous actress. Her hairstyles are famous in industry foe it suits her everytime she wears them.
Celebrity Jessica Alba Bob Hairstyle

Her dresses are also complimenting to the long and wavy hair. She has a thin medium hair texture and thus prefers to keep her long wavy hairstyles while attending the Award functions. Her hairstyles have however changed since last few years.
The long dark hair changed to her blonde bob cut and at the last, long again. These changes have been enormous in the last years but they suit her very well. All colors and hairstyles compliment her personality making her a brilliant actress.

Celebrity Jessica Alba hairstyle

Actress Jessica Alba Updo Hairstyle

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