Tuesday, January 11, 2011

0 Kate Gosselin Hair Pictures

Kate Gosselin Hair Pictures

People all over the globe have been searching the web for new Kate Gosselin hair pictures.  Everyone's familiar with her original spiky mess of a hair do from her "Jon and Kate Plus 8" days, but her new hairstyles are the one garnering all the interest on the internet. In the middle of January, she was featured on the cover of People magazine with a longer hair look than she's ever been seen with before as a public figure.  After news of the cover shoot got out, google searches for Kate Gosselin hair pictures skyrocketed as everyone was interested to see what she looked like without wearing a porcupine as a hat.  In March, Kate was seen with another, slightly shorter hairdo and searches for Kate Gosselin hair pictures increased once again.  There may be no one person in the world who has more people interested in pictures of their hair right now than Kate Gosselin.

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