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0 How to Remove Face Scars ?

How to Remove Face Scars
Having facial scars can be very frustrating than any others. If you have injury or surgery usually you need to stitches the wound, you need to stitches the wound, you are likely to get some scar even it is small and barely noticeable. Another cause of facial scar is from acne especially if you picked at your skin or popped blemishes. Prevention is the simplest solution to facial scarring. You have to take good care of your face as the skin of your face is very sensitive and can be prone to scarring. Environmental factors such as the sun and wind can also blemishes and damage your face. Good hygiene like moisturized, protection from the sun and keep your face clean can go a long to preventing facial scars. The beauty industry has made creams, lotions and oils that can help you to remove face scars.

How to Remove Face Scars
A prescription lotion or cream that is stronger than what available in the counter can be issued by a doctor. You can undergo office procedures such as dermabrasion or collagen injections if the scar is more noticeable, or these kinds of products aren’t working. Dermabrasion is very effective to raise the scars and to contribute to your skin’s elasticity; collagen injection is needed to encourage the production of collagen. But you have to do this repeated regularly as collagen injection does wear off.  You might be considered needling in more extreme cases to remove face scars. You have to continuously needled the scarred are the area in this procedure. The process may need to be repeated once the skin Is allowed to heal completely. It is recommended that for facial scars you stick to allowing your doctor do it in the office although this can be done at home as well.

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